public void HelloWorld()

Okay, some people asked me to start blogging about my daily occupation @ work, others don’t …
See for yourself in which category you belong …
I was very busy the last half year in upgrading my knowledge for the new version of MS Sharepoint: MS Office Sharepoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007). I did some proof of concepts, presentations and demos to our customers at Info Support. The result is that I’m going to start on a MOSS 2007 project for the next year.
You will find in the next weeks, months, … my comments about the MOSS 2007 and other MS .NET related stuff here on my blog.
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One Response to public void HelloWorld()

  1. Dé Cleure says:

    hey Steven,
    tof om te zien dat er ook voor jou een leven na De Post is!  K zen content dat ge uw passie voor MOSS verder kunt ontwikkelen 🙂
    \’t Beste nog!!

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