MOSS – BI: Key Performance Indicators…small sample

Okay as you know in MOSS you’ve got 6 major parts (Collaboration, Portal, Search, Content Management, Business Process, Business Intelligence)
I didn’t worked a lot with the BI part so I thought to play arround with a new item within the BI part: Key Performance Indicators.
Key Performance Indicator: Just in indicator to measure if a certain rule is accomplished.
My offset:
Creating an Incident Tracking System and monitor the incidents based on their current status. If 100% of the incidents are closed then we have a green indicator, less than 50% a yellow one, all the rest: red!
Start to create two custom list in your sharepoint site:
– Item List => "Issue" (Content Type): Our Incident Tracking List
– Item List => "Indicator using data in a Sharepoint list" (Content Type): Our KPI List
Issue Tracking List:
Just create some incidents for it.
KPI List:
Create an Indicator and link it to the Issue Tracking List, add the different business rules.

(picture 01: Overview of creating two lists to create the KPI sample)

After creating the two lists, you need to make the implementation of it via a webpart.
Go to your Sharepoint site, edit the page and add the Issue Tracking List Webpart in your webpartzone and the Key Performance Indicators Webpart.
You need to connect the Indicator List property of the Key Performance Indicators Webpart to the Issue Tracking List Webpart.
play around with the Issue Status property of the incidents and watch the automatic changing of the KPI indicator in the KPI webpart.
(picture 02: All incidents closed)

(picture 03: Less than 40% of all incidents still are ‘Active’)

(picture 04: More than 40% of all incidents are still ‘Active’)

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