Great session about MS Workflow Foundation

A collegue of me, Tim Geerts demonstrated and explained yesterday during an Info Support internal evening session a lot about MS Workflow foundation (WF), a new technology feature in .NET 3.0.
I think that everyone of the audience was really excited about it and after every two slides we started to discuss about the content and possible implementations. We had to stop the discussions because time was running out, next time we will continue the chat but with a good beer in our hand 😉
As you know, WF is also used in a Moss environment, we can attach our custom created Content Types to custom created Workflows.
Moss ships out-of-the-box with an approvel, feedback and digital signature workflow. WF works when using the Web Content Management feature in Moss. You can setup every item in your public website with an approvel workflow. Even when you submit a page with images for approvel you need to approve also those images! The detail of approvel workflow is so common sense for everyone but not evident in common systems.
besides that, Tim Geerts did a very good session about WF! Keep up the good work!
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