Aurelium List Synchronizer

One of the big goals of an extranet is to display valuable data customer data from a backend system (Navision, CRM …).
Moss 2007 ships with the Business Data Catalog (=BDC) to help you furfill this task. Sounds nice (it is also something nice) but there are some disadvantage.
I’m not going to tell all advantages (just read some beautifull articles on the Microsoft site) ;-).
The BDC delivers a run-time view on your data. This is cool but in a lot of cases this is not necessary, when you want to see contact information, planning calendars etc you don’t need a direct link to your CRM database. The performance of a run-time data visualiser is less fast than directly access data from your sharepoint list.
For such cases we are using our Aurelium List Synchronizer. Sounds also nice 😉
Aurelium List Synchronizer:
Get data from a Sql Server DBMS, compare it to the data in a specific sharepoint list and start synchronize!
The added value is that we can create every kind of list (calendar, tasks, contact …) in sharepoint bases on data from our back-end CRM.
When the tool synchronizes the data in the list, it’s not going to change other metadata which isn’t defined in the XML configuration file.
The XML configuration contains mapping elements between your sharepoint list and a specific databasequery on Sql Server.
Within one synchronization process we can synchronize multiple list in multiple sites.
Today we’ve implemented for the first time this tool on a live system by one of our customers. The customer was very excited with the result.
The requirement was to manage WSS Tasks (on a WSS 3.0 intranet) based on information from the back-end DB, in this case a Sybase DBMS!
Those tasks can be synchronized with there outlook and all data remains consistent.
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