New Sharepoint “Fundamental” Courses

A lot of our customers are implementing a freshly new Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 intranet. Last year we organised multiple interactive workshops in which we explain what can be done and how it can be accomplished in WSS 🙂
The content of the workshops aimes for employees who needs to maintain on a high level the company’s intranet. Most of the time they figure as the first line of support when end-users in their company are getting stuck on specific functionality in Sharepoint.
What do they learn?
– Installing & Configuring a WSS intranet
– How to navigate and find things back in Sharepoint (Overview of the application pages and different list/site templates)
– Changing look ‘n feel according to the company’s standards (Logo’s, color schema and masterpages)
– Managing document libraries by using extra fields, approval, views etc… (Shared documents for project related documents)
– Creating Sharepoint Designer Workflow (Creating a Holiday Request workflow and a Helpdesk workflow)
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