Configuring SharePoint 2010, some thoughts …

Last week I was configuring a new SharePoint environment with the following topology:
– DB Server
– 2x WebServers
I followed the official guidelines but after the installation some things didn’t worked as espected:
– Managed Metadata Service
– Managed Accounts changing password service
the problem was caused to insufficient rights of some SharePoint services.
Check via the "services.msc" if your SharePoint Admin and Timer Job service is running under a service account.
– Give that account also the necessary rights to allow him to write events in the eventlog
– Make sure that the account has rights on SharePoint itself and push him into the Managed Accounts region in Central Admin.
– Do some IISRESET!! stupid, but this saved my day! If your managed metadata service complains that the Application Pool is not started then probably you need to reset your password for that Application Pool account, but do it via the Managed Accounts region!!
I did had also some troubles with deploying wsp solutions. Thanks to Michael BlumenthalIT (give credits!) for his tips:
My Timer Service on the second webfront server wasn’t started, make sure that both services are running under the same account!
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