Managed Metadata update terms via timer jobs

You need to have patience when you update a term in a termstore programmatically.

TaxonomySession taxonomySession = new TaxonomySession(properties.OpenSite());
TermStore mainTermStore = taxonomySession.TermStores[0];
Term ParentTerm = mainTermStore.GetTerm(ParentTermId);
TermCollection childTerms = ParentTerm.GetTerms(oldTerm, intLCID, true, StringMatchOption.ExactMatch, 1, true);
Term modifyTerm = childTerms[0];
modifyTerm.Name = newTerm;

The term itself will be updated immediately but not for the already assigned terms. The timerjob "Enterprise Metadata site data update" will do this. Have some patience, refresh your screen et voilà 🙂
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