Migrate SharePoint 2007 to 2010 – Issues (3)

My approach for migrating a SP2007 website:
  1. Cleanup!! 🙂
    1. Solutions, Features, old code…
  2. Prepare your new SP servers! Install all necessary custom solutions, features, site definitions …
    1. Don’t forget to check your web.config file for custom ConfigSections and ConnectionStrings!!
  3. run the "stsadm.exe -o preupgradecheck" command on your SP2007 server
    1. Fix errors: My top 10 errors where just missing features => Cleanup 🙂
    2. This command actually set some flags in de DB (your users can still work further!!), this is required for the migration!
  4. Backup the database via SQL
  5. Set your SP2007 site collection on ReadOnly via "stsadm -o SetSiteLock -url http://SP2007 -lock Readonly"
    1. Cover yourself up 🙂 otherwise users (with a bigger pay check) can kick you when there last changes are not migrated 🙂
  6. Restore the database on your new server
  7. Before you attach the db you should run the Powershell command "Test-SPContentDatabase -name YourContentDBName -WebApplication http://YourNewUrl"
    1. Check if remaining issues could block the migration
  8. run the "stsadm -o addcontentdb -url "http://YourNewUrl" -databaseserver "YourSqlServer" -database "YourDBName"
  9. Open the site and go to the Settings Page of your site collection
    1. Click on the link to execute the visual upgrade.
  10. Do a regular check on your site! Keep your end-users informed 😉
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