SharePoint Magic Item Limit “2000” when using Item Level Security

A couple of weeks ago we had production problems on retrieving information programmatically from a custom list in SharePoint. The list had reached 2000 items and every item in it had a different security pattern.

Our code to retrieve the items (the query is based on a Lookup-Field “Student”):

student = “5;#Derveaux Steven”
studentId = “5”
studentname = “Derveaux Steven”

string camlQuery =
 “<Where>” +
  “<Eq>” +
                        “<FieldRef Name=\”Student\” LookupId=\”True\” />” +
                        “<Value Type=\”User\”>” + studentId + “</Value>” +
                “</Eq>” +

The expected result was only a couple of lines, nothing more but we didn’t get anything back, no exception was thrown or whatever…
If I deleted a random item (ItemCount was then 1999) there was no problem, starting from 2000 items … no data :-s

When we changed the caml query so that we don’t using “LookupId=True” and just the text we’ve received our items even above the 2000 items…

string camlQuery =
 “<Where>” +
  “<Eq>” +
                        “<FieldRef Name=\”Student\”  />” +
                        “<Value Type=\”User\”>” + studentname + “” +
                “</Eq>” +

Strange, you want to search some items via their primary key (in lookup-fields) but you’re not getting any values back, if you’re using the text value (which is not necesserly unique!) of the lookup-field you don’t have any problem. In our case, the text value is unique but you may not asume it!

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2 Responses to SharePoint Magic Item Limit “2000” when using Item Level Security

  1. Joris says:

    Which version of SharePoint – 2010 or 2007?

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