CustomAction RegistrationId is case sensitive

It took me an hour to find out why my custom ribbon button didn’t showed up…
Make sure that the value in RegistrationId is in uppercase!

<CustomAction Id=Ribbon.CE.KB.PublishBibNews
Sequence=40Title=Publish Bib News>

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6 Responses to CustomAction RegistrationId is case sensitive

  1. Sven G says:

    Thank you for posting!

  2. fermasmas says:

    May you be blessed for all eternity. may your children and grandchildren live long and prosper and may they have a long progeny. May all your sins be erased and remembered no more, for your past and future actions are redeemed with this post. May the gardens of Eden, the gardens of Elysium, the gardens of Yggdrasil and the gardens of Valinor, all be forever opened to you.

    For I was confined to the seventh ring of hell with a CustomAction whose purpose was not to be attached to the proper ConentType, despite my prayers, until you brought your light upon it and killed my Jörmungandr. I thank you, forever.

    May the force be with you.

  3. Fabio says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. jSS says:

    I was about to kill myself. Thanks!!!!

  5. danielsirz says:

    I’m so glad i found this, before searching nearly my whole life….
    Thanks man!

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