Real World SharePoint 2010 (Wrox) – Managed Metadata Services

Yes! the first books about SharePoint 2010 are coming out! This is fantastic in order to check you’re already acquired knowledge against the content of these “references” and more import, to be sure that you are looking in the good direction and perspective.

Since the beginning of SharePoint 2010 beta our company was involved into a large sharepoint 2010 project. The main goal was migrating information from Confluence and IntraDoc into SharePoint 2010 + FAST. The nice part was a taxonomy of 10 levels deep and with approx. 6000 terms that needed to be migrated :-). All terms were in IntraDoc situated in a CSV file so writing a console app which translates it into a SharePoint 2010 complient import file was not that hard.

When I read the Term Store Boundaries paragraph in the new Wrox-book, i was wondering about the max depth level: only 7 levels deep. Probably just a mistake or typo!

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4 Responses to Real World SharePoint 2010 (Wrox) – Managed Metadata Services

  1. Joris says:

    The max depth level is indeed 7 – it is documented somewhere in Technet. It seems however possible to create a lot more levels.

    • that’s correct, it’s documented on Technet. Lucky for us it was not a hard limit 🙂

      • Rich says:

        Not a ‘Hard Limit’ Steve? Are you saying you found a way to expand it? We went to 13 and began getting unexpected results. Not sure at what point that happens. Have you been able to increase the depth without hitting performance or functional issues?

      • What do you mean by “unexpected results”. The taxonomy that we implemented was 9 or 10 levels deep and we didn’t had any strange behaviours. Perhaps if you go further in depth, things could become weird 🙂

        The main problem that we had is the fact that even FAST search is not smart enough to get back the searchresults of child-terms. If a document is tagged “New York”, you will not find it back if you are searching on ‘America’ and that’s a pitty but it has nothing to do with the dept…

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