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How to read a “tCompressedString(varbinary(max))” fieldvalue from a SharePoint content database

this blog helped me to find the solution: http://blog.cloudsiders.com/2010/02/sharepoint-2007-vs-2010-how-do-my-list-content-types-policies-customxsn-look-like/comment-page-1/#comment-59 a snippet from my code: using System.IO.Compression; … SqlBytes bytes = sqlDataReader.GetSqlBytes(sqlDataReader.GetOrdinal(“xmlFields”)); Stream stream = bytes.Stream; for (int i = 0; i < 14; i++)                 stream.ReadByte(); DeflateStream deflateStream = new DeflateStream(stream, … Continue reading

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Generated Sql views based on SharePoint Content

I think that every SharePoint developer looked into the SharePoint content database to see how all data is stored in sql tables. In case you didn’t, look at it and be surprised 🙂 All SharePoint content is placed in one big … Continue reading

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